why obama won the nobel peace prize

98 Conservative New York Times columnist Ross Douthat called it an oftentimes impressive speech that was "An extended defense of using realist means in the service of liberal internationalist ends".
Retrieved October 15, 2009 " Tsvangirai congratulates 'deserving' Obama" The Times Online 09-10-09.
In a 36-minute speech, he discussed the tensions between war and peace and the idea of a " just war " 5 saying, "perhaps the most profound issue surrounding my receipt of this prize is the fact that I am the Commander-in-Chief of the military.17 18 In the United States edit Obama's winning of the peace prize was largely unanticipated and called a "stunning surprise" by The New York Times, though major oddsmaker Centrebet had in fact put him at 71 odds of winning, with Piedad Córdoba and Sima.Retrieved December 14, 2009."PM congratulates Nobel winner Obama".Institute for Public Accuracy.Roosevelts journey to winning the 1906 prize began with his decision to put some teeth into the Court of Arbitration at The Hague, so that it would begin to serve its purpose of peacefully settling international disputes.Indonesia's, Masdar Mas'udi, deputy head of the Islamic organisation Nahdlatul Ulama, praised Obama's policy towards his country as confirmation of his worthiness as a Nobel laureate.A b "Siv Jensen: - Svekker Nobelprisen" (in Norwegian).A b "Mixed world reaction to Obama's Nobel".Now five years later, I'm pretty sure there's no chance of him getting another one.A Wall Street Journal editorial, noting Obama's comment that the world's problems "can't be met by any one leader or any one nation opined, "What this suggests to usand to the Norwegiansis the end of what has been called ' American exceptionalism '.

21 47 Opponents of the award cite the expansion of the War on Terror and the large increase in the number of drone strikes carried out lifetouch national school studios coupon code under Obama, specifically in Pakistan.
"Obama Nobel Peace Prize Appeal Sought By Bolivian President And Russian Lawmaker".
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Values have universal application and should be promoted without apology, and defended with military force when necessary.25 A Los Angeles Times editorial said the committee "didn't just embarrass kitchenaid mixer giveaway december 2014 Obama, it diminished the credibility of the prize itself".Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Geir Lundestad stepped down in 2014 as secretary of the Nobel committee.Image copyright AFP Image caption Mr Obama was presented the award by committee chairman Thorbjorn Jagland.Douthat, Ross (December 10, 2009).A b "The Nobel Hope Prize: An award for the end of American exceptionalism".