what will voice contestants do now

Team Jennifer: Davon Fleming, team Jennifer: ShiAnn Jones, team Jennifer: Noah Mac.
After The Voice, she made friends with mnek who helped produce her debut album which is due out in 2015.
Not-So-Blind Auditions, while the judges haven't heard the voices until the contestants hit the stage, that isn't their first audition.The Maroon 5 frontman apparently can not get enough of Adam Cunningham.Happy Endings, a bit of good news: Lots of contestants (and crew members) form real friendships and still perform with each other, and the exposure does help some artists to jumpstart their careers.If you're making good music they'll remember you for the good music you make, not for the good music you had".

First the bad news.
Blake's Experienced, maybe it won't be such of a shock that Blake is in the lead as the only coach with three wins on "The clarisonic promotional code usa Voice" if you consider that he's done this judge thing before.
Down to the wire!
The Pre-Game, ever wondered why "The Voice" never has a bad audition?
Blake and Gwen Stefani's Sweetest Moments.Lots of Busy Work, according to behind the scenes insight from the today show, "The Voice" uses a staff and crew of about 600 people, makes 12 set changes, and uses more than 1900 lights for one live show.More recently Bo has turned her attention to providing vocals for DJs, performing as the featured artist on singles by Chicane and Gareth Emery.If you're curious, the answer is unfortunately,.Camera-Off, Hands-Off, this may not be too surprising considering that the coaches have established careers beyond coaching "The Voice" contestants, but some coaches don't do much actual coaching.