push novel contest

I don't know why.
Why are they tormenting me like this?
Paranoid_monkey: that's what joining nanowrimo will do to you paranoid_monkey: just do it already me: whiiiiiiine paranoid_monkey: shut yer whinytrap and get writing me: woohoo, discipline post a comment Date: 03:40 Subject: hmmm Security: Public Mood: accomplished This might be a snazzy source for something.But how on earth do you get nanowrimo.I personally now blog for The Guardian, and you can get updates by following.(But I was supposed to be knitting!) In an unrelated story, lately I keep feeling as though there's a third eye in the middle of my forehead.They climbed up it and sat in it to read, pretended they were in a ship at sea, pretended they lived in a giant treehouse and never had to go back to school.

Ml This is totally useful - now I can put all this stuff into the book!
And, again, the contest is only open to students in grades 7 through.
It is going to be crazy long!
Maybe I'll post these every day or few.
We arein theory, of courseperfect!Everything I start writing turns into something else.The goal for today can be to write 3,000 words or so during the day and then to write another regular amount at night.It worked pretty good; I've written most of the climax today on bart (a boon to writers everywhere, or actually only to writers in the Bay Area) and now I've typed it in and am going back to fill world group discount code in everything where I just said.Security: Public Mood: accomplished post a comment post a comment Date: 04:28 Subject: i liked this part Security: Public Mood: amused post a comment Date: 04:26 Subject: Security: Public Mood: excited post a comment Like almond butter.If I only wrote 2,000 words a day right NOW I would have 20,000 parents com cute kid contest words on the 16th.(all right, 4,300ish.) I think I started at around 12:45.Also: 22,019 / 50,000 (44.0) Jesus,.0.Along the side are a series of links which appear to show the entries to past contests - one-paragraph character sketches and songs and.