promotional codes for howrse passes

Random Item, code: yrxmas, karma point, when the sponsor you vintage inns gift card selected when you started the game reaches riding level 8, you will earn a karma point.
Check out the price of your desired item in the black market.
Hints Get a real high GP mare or filly (pass) / colt or stud (equus such as 425.25 for hanos.
Train it as much as possible.Passes and equus are currencies of this game which would use for purchasing horse and other in-game accessories.Rainbow, Blueish (Take note that Howrse have made updates and changes over the years, so some of these are not accurate anymore.Top working Howrse Promo codes, tagDaze go to your account and apply the code to get win trip to america 2015 Equus and Passes for free.Hints and Tips for: Howrse, howrse, cheat Codes:, submitted by: jana, select the "Passes" tab, then choose "Your Code".Medusas blood Can you mount a horse without a saddle?

Wood What is horses favorite drink?
If you dont have enough passes or equus and want to get that for free then you can use online hack tool listed below.
How to get Passes/Equus: Submitted by: NimbleFoot -New Breeders (less than 2 Karma Don't use BM(Black Market)Items on your first horse/s as they will have low GP and skills.
HI1HP or H34G or H0344 Use any of these cheats for Horn of Plenty.I've been using this method for the last 2 month and i continue to earn more passes.You can use the cheat codes or registration codes which given below.Some of them are free while other are paid.You can buy that with the help of Passes and Equus.Verve, get Black Market Items for Free.How to get Black Market Items for free!Decide on a breed.