plea of no contest vs guilty

Alford plea, named after the Supreme Courts decision.
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"Drunk driver who pled no contest can't relitigate issue of recklessness", All Business, December 18, 2006, retrieved April 22, 2010 "Lamb.
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6078 (S-11936 P3d 736".25 (1970).) Although the Supreme Court.The Alaska Supreme Court ruled in 2006 that a "conviction based on a no contest plea will collaterally estop the criminal defendant from denying any element in a subsequent civil action against him that was necessarily established by the conviction, as long as the prior.You may improve this article, discuss the issue on the talk page, or create a new article, as appropriate.Latin phrase for "I do not wish to contend" and it is also referred to as a plea of no contest.The benefit of a no-contest plea (when you admit the facts, but not your guilt) is that it allows you to avoid a trial if your defense has become hopeless, but it prevents the plea from being used against you in any later civil.Bridget Riddell, Riddell Law, LLC.4 Alaska edit In Alaska, a criminal conviction based on a nolo contendere plea may be used against the defendant in future civil actions."Different State jurisdictions govern the plea process through their own legislation" (PDF).A defendant who claims to be innocent but doesnt want to risk going to trial can sometimes take what no bikini bikini contest has become known.A: A plea is a persons formal response to a criminal or traffic charge. ."United States Federal Rules of Evidence, Rule 801(d.

As a practical matter, a no contest plea will almost always result in a guilty finding.
Laws regarding the available pleas, their requirements, and their implications vary from place to place.
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A defendant who claims to be innocent but doesnt want to risk going to trial can sometimes take what has become known as an Alford plea, named after the Supreme Courts decision in North Carolina.Alford pleas, see this article comparing, alford, guilty, and no-contest pleas.This extra explanation by the prosecutor is not required in felony cases.A: Lets say Driver Dan rear-ends Driver Petes car. .A: A lawyer can advise you about your particular situation and the impact of various pleas.No Contest, alford pleas, like guilty and nolo contendere or no contest pleas, result in conviction.An attorney familiar with the laws of your jurisdiction will be able to help assess your options.Q: If I plead no contest and give the judge a really good excuse, might the judge let me off?West (1970) 3 Cal.3d 595.When a defendant enters a no-contest plea in a misdemeanor case, the prosecutor must explain the circumstances of the offense to the judge or magistrate. .