online poetry contest 2015

A moment of silence, a twitch of tail hissing and spitting they pounce The creosote sweeping log walgreens tiny lions have found their prey The tiny lions just want to play.
They have been a judge for juries such as the BC Book Prizes, the Alberta Book Prize, QWF, The Writers Trust Dayne Ogilvie Award, and a writer-in-residence at Historic Joy Kogawa House.
Faded photos of the big ones.
Each entry must be original, unpublished, not submitted or accepted elsewhere for publication or previously to Room, and not entered simultaneously in any urban outfitters us student discount other contest.Or 5 pages (title not included).All these pets, they are the best But each one of them can be a pest!Mexican Hooker #1 and My Other Roles Since the Revolution, a Globe and Mail bestseller, was published in April 2016.

Weve found each other, and a love to carry.
Gianna Kingsbury Red Ribbon - People Category, Victoria Elementary, Victoria Arts Consortium of Carver County Little Louisa Mae the day you were born was a joyous day for me waiting ever so long to finally see a little baby sister cute as they come not.
She currently lives in Vancouver, on the unceded territory of the Salish people.Up to 30 lines (title not included).Best Of Poetry Recital Contest At Bodwell 2015 (5).Well walk together Through all the days of joy and any days that may bring sorrow; Through all the years we have, until our last tomorrow.Josiah Thompson Blue Ribbon - Everyday Life Category, Chaska Arts Consortium of Carver County Lessons I hiked the trail Along the western rim Of the Grand Canyon With a walking stick Gnarled and twisted But strong I shaped that staff It took me long hours.