motorcycle concept art

Once aloft, Harrier rotates its lift jets gradually aft, accelerating to speeds at which its wings take over the support task and the jets become purely propulsive.
What he meant is that the fans providing guidance to the hovercraft had very little thrust in relation to the vehicles weight, so the operator must think far, far ahead!
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Damping is controlled by the tires, which feature a futuristic "variable tread" that actively adjusts to maximize grip and minimize impacts.This information is relayed via glasses worn by the rider, called the Visor.Integrated into that futuristic frame are the riding lights.The rider would also wear the Vision Next 100's companion suit, which is tuned to provide thermal support by adjusting to provide ventilation or etihad airways promo code august 2015 heat.Following in the tire treads of the.The basis of the invention was a flexible skirt, which maintained the smallest-possible leakage path for the air that supported the vehicle.Looking straight ahead clears the display so the rider can concentrate on the experience of riding.

Riding speeds also adjust the suit, with higher speeds adding support to the upper vertebrae, for example.
The exception being when alerts are required.
At one time, it was predicted that hover-cars might take to the roads, but the difficulties of starting, stopping and turning led Cockerell to say, Driving a hovercraft is like driving a car with four flat tires on ice.Added to that are several futuristic ideas about where motoring will be, in general, in 100 years and how those changes will affect motorcycles and those who ride them.To help in this regard, special rider's gear has been designed to form a Digital Companion that supports the rider with situational information when required.In that respect, most aspects of human life are about virtual control and allowing robotic machines to do the mundane tasks of everyday living.The polished aluminum finish of the engine covers is dynamic, moving outward during use to add aerodynamics around the rider's legs, and sucking in when the bike is at rest for a slim, clean profile.The suit's external design is inspired by the musculature of the human body and bands in the suit can be adjusted by both rider preference and posture to allow create your own online contest for added or loosened support as needed.