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In reality we use mobile phones all the time, but in realistic terms we can limit the use substantially.Of course most of the prepaid or pay as you go plans also offer 3-way calling and call waiting as a freebies.For me, Im looking at Virgin.Ive had a couple bad situations with my 7-11 Speakout phone in this regard.It might not sound like much but it can add up and deplete your air time rather quickly.It meant a lot of anger and frustration.With my 7-11 Speakout mobile phone, I shared the number with my wife and my closest family only.After an ordeal in actually getting a PC Mobile sim card, it wasnt until I sat down and looked at the 25 talk time minutes card fine print that I realized my mistake.I did get a 10 credit so that SIM card which cost 10 basically gift certificate toronto restaurant was free.If youre like me, youre wanting a smartphone or cell phone but you simply do not want to be sucked into the monthly expense.That said, the card says that airtime expired 60 days after activation.It had poptropica, fantage, animal jam, wizard101.

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If youre attempting to do what Im doing, then this should be your #1 consideration in which pay as you go plan to choose.Yes there are many others but they are owned by the big three.You literally have no boundaries when you are a member.Over the past week, Ive had one sole purpose.Facebook Tennis Coupons Page!Im not sure whether the 7-11 Speakout Data plan will give me what I need and only time will tell.Its almost like a gas war.With 7-11 Speakout, you can spend 25 and have it last 365 days.Ultimately I want complete control over what I pay for my mobile phone.