making voucher entries in tally

Purchase Ledger, a ledger liftmaster 8550w rebate for recording purchases.
P Once you accept the data, P 9 presents another data entry screen.
Making suspense payments For example, the company gives an employee cash to buy office supplies, the exact nature and cost of which are unknown.A typical narration is below Now press enter the final screen will be as follows.For example, a company returns damaged goods to a supplier.Go to the Gateway of Tally Accounting Vouchers F5: Payment.5.1.2 Payment Voucher (F5) For example, a company settles a creditor's bill by cheque.Is set to Yes in all ledger accounts under the groups Sales Accounts and Purchase Accounts.By setting Use Common Narration option to No, we can have separate narration fields for each line on the voucher.That is where we purchase things in a simple business and sell it at a higher price to earn profit.

As we have already created the required ledgers, just pass the entry as shown in the picture below.
Yes or No Yes Voucher 2 Voucher type Alt F9: Receipt Note Current date Ref: USC/12089/Del Ledger Account Silver Plus Computers Order Details Accept the default Name of item HP Laserjet 1010 Series Tracking Number Not Applicable Godown On-site Quantity 2 Rate 8,200 / Nos.
However, the effective date for the voucher may be different.5.2.12 Stock Summary for June 2009 Go to the Gateway of Tally Stock Summary.The different stock items with their balances are displayed as follows.In other words, they do not want to update stocks with only a delivery note neither do they want to with a Goods Receipt Note.Name: Bank Payment. .The person to whom you are selling.