make a raffle drum

Lots of awesome prizes donated by viewers,rs, and businesses.
I figured a cardboard tennis channel contest us open box would be way too boring to draw tickets from, so I made this raffle ticket tumbler.
Thread a fender washer onto the 20-inch long, 1/4-inch diameter stainless steel rod, and then thread it through one of the circles.I screwed on a single hinge for the door and tested it out.The side with the door is a little different.Or maybe modify it for bingo state farm good student discount indiana or lottery balls!Find the center point and make three 6-by-6 inch cuts to make a door.This will be used as a latch for the door.I cut half-lap joints in these and two other boards.Space the 1/2-by-1/8-by-18 inch wood strips evenly around the two circles and staple them into place to form a barrel frame.Drill a 1/4-inch diameter hole in the center of each of the wooden circles.Pinterest 13, pins 17, followers, ballot Boxes, Suggestion Boxes, Raffle Drums, Tombola who pays for eurovision song contest Drums can help create a perfect Audience Response System for any size of business.I glued this piece into place.Staple the metal mesh into place, with the 25-inch side becoming the circumference of the circles.

Once the supports are attached, the raffle drum should spin freely between them.
I clamped the long bevels together with tape.
Single prizes usually have significant value.
Three were really hard to open.
Then I removed it so I could cut a thin ledge on the underside.Then I ran a dowel through both pieces and glued it into place.Use needle-nose pliers to bend any sharp points over into loops.Finally, I attached the door.Upcycled Pringles Can DIY Drum, how-To: Tissue Paper Hydrangea Pins.Attach each triangle to the 1-foot wide, 18-inch long plywood sheet using 3/4-inch long wood screws.Its gap-filler pieces are wider.