jamie's italian vouchers restaurant

Especially the restaurant on the territory of the castle of Budapest.
A pincér kicsit esetlen volt de lelkes.
Service and food was perfect alike.
The quality of the food is awesome!A nice place to enjoy.Orange blossom polenta cake is a must!Sunum ve mekan güZel ancak yemek kalitesi kötü.The atmosphere of the place is fantastic!

Ördek eti fena deil Ördek baca, margarita ve penne arabiata siparii verdik.
Makarna çi, pizza da peynir yok ördek baca da fena deildi.
For free table we had to wait for 10 minutes, but it is worth!
Right now were in the process of recruiting a brilliant new team who will become part of our ever-growing Jamies Italian family.Standard prices not good value urban outfitters us student discount for money, Don't try the truffle risotto, the portion is unnecessarily large and don't try the lasagne.And thats what were all about making good food accessible and affordable for everyone.Fantastic food for not so expensive prices.When we open the doors, well be serving up beautiful, simple, great-value Italian food, all made with the very best-quality ingredients we can get our hands.The contract for the Melrose Arch premises has been concluded with a view to open doors in the latter part of the year and further locations are being explored across South Africa, with news to share soon.Finom volt a Jamie hamburger, remek a szüreteln Csíki sör.