how to have a contest on instagram

Think about it: Mint asked participants to share posts about things they were saving for.
8) Promote like crazy.
If your dodge dart giveaway goals are to gain valuable feedback and increase post engagement amongst your Instagram followers, a comment-to-win Instagram contest is the way.
The more buzz the more people who can become customers.An email-gated Instagram photo contest requires participants to provide an email address to enter.The rules are simple: Users have to tag a friend (using the @ symbol) in the comment section of your brands Instagram contest post to be entered to win a prize from your company.User Generated Content campaign (UGC) encourage people to engage with your brand, but it also helps to promote your products on a broad scale, helping to create a winning campaign!Keep your terms and conditions in mind when reviewing the submissions to ensure that you're being 100 fair in your evaluation.To avoid the hassle of having to include them in each post they share to announce their latest giveaway, they simply link to their rules page: m/rules/.If youre a software company, try giving away a tech gadget that you know your customers like to use with your product.

Figuring out how to launch a successful Instagram contest, however, is much less obvious.
This is where Instagram shows you images based nba store coupon code august 2017 on people you follow, photos youve liked, or images that are popular in your country.
Depending on your customers, merchandise, and budget, there are a variety of different prizes you can give away.
What do you think?If youre running a giveaway for the first time, keep it as simple as possible.Before launching any social marketing campaign, write out your goals.Like this post and everyone elses involved.Talkwalker as its a great tool that lets you analyze and compare hashtag campaigns.The laws that will apply to you depend on where youre based and who you allow to enter your contest, so you should consult your lawyer for help drafting your terms and conditions.