how to calculate a discount percentage

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Exercises Directions: Solve each problem below by entering a dollar amount with cents.
What is the sale price of the DVD?
How much does the box cost after the discount?Thus, the best answer to this word problem is: 'The mystery box costs 100 after the discount has been applied.'.The sale price is calculated as follows:.00 original price -.40 - discount.60 sale price Answer: The discount.40 and the sale price.60.We'll type this formula in cell.Answer BOX: results BOX.

Let's think about the problem we're trying to solve.
Summary: Stores often sell goods for a discounted price.
However, if you're comfortable sally beauty promotional code working with percentage problems, we could have found the same answer with only one formula.
Analysis: The phrase, "Get a 20 discount refers to the rate.Example 1: In a department store, a 40 dress is marked, "Save." What is the discount?Step 1: Our formula is S p - rp Step 2: Convert percent to decimal:.2 Step 3: Fill in the variables: 20 p -.2 p Step 4:.8 p Divide.8 on both sides to get: behind the chair promo code 2015 25 p Step.In this example, the discount is 15 of the original total.Step 3: Insert values (including decimal value of rate) into the discount formula: S 125 -.2(125 remember that when two variables are next to each other, it means that you multiply them.Can you figure out which formula we could have used instead?