goodreads book giveaway

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
Our budgets are not bottomless.
I used to think the prize book had to published in discount vouchers western australia the last six months, although I cant find any evidence that this was ever strictly the case.These ranged from 5 days in length up to 2 weeks.(Apologies to Goodreads for desecrating one of their slides in the name of blog graphics.Unless youve written a doorstopper, its not going to break the bank.You cant give away e-books and Im glad about that.I just want the 10 who win copies to read them and write a review.We want a physical prize, something were excited to open in the mail.A beacon of hope and resistance." -Melissa de la Cruz, #1 NYT best-selling author "Few books have ever moved me like this masterful story that pulses with love, loss, quiet hurts, and soaring dreams.Format: Print book, giveaway ends in: Availability: 1 copy available, 1022 people requesting.Backlists and E-book Only Titles The official title for the Goodreads giveaway system is First Reads, the idea being that the prizes are proof copies or shiny new ones that still arent for sale on any shelves, virtual or otherwise.Presuming that youre starting from scratch, you wont have a hope of elbowing your way into Popular Authors or Most Requested, so that just leaves Recently Listed and Ending Soon.

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Id run giveaways for the previous two and then have a series of giveaways for the new book.
Picture Us in the Light is fierce proof that Kelly Loy Gilbert is one of the best writers around.".
You dont have to FedEx the damn thing; Goodreads tells winners to wait for up to 8 weeks for their books after the giveaway closes.
The Book Depository will even ship one book anywhere in the world for free.Also, you dont have to send your winners books you ordered in from CreateSpace.So like Carrie Bradshaw, I got to thinking (a phrase that always made me wonder what shed been doing up until now is there a way to do Goodreads giveaways better?The Homo Sapiens Agenda "This urgent, achingly beautiful story shines a light on those living in the shadows.If you live in the US and your winner is in, say, Ireland or the UK, why not get to send them the book?They can look like proof copies they dont have to be the real deal.I completely disagree and the thing that got me started on disagreeing is a graph that Goodreads included in their own.Follow him on Twitter, share on Facebook, share on Google.Like, ihink about IT FOR much longeay explode.