edinburgh chimney sweeps auld reekie

To fit him, his overalls are cut off at the knees and bound round his wrists with strong tape.
"People look at the top and bottom, of the chimney and see a 9in opening muses McLenaghan as his Toyota van shudders over the cobbles, "but they don't know what's in the middle." Have they ever found anything interesting?
Meanwhile, Bert is down in the living room, his head leaning right on the tiles above the fire.Funny, isn't wedding freebies 2014 10 home depot coupon codes online it, a sweep that hates dirt?".In a snack bar, Boat orders two egg and sausage sandwiches, a Coke, a Mars bar, a Toffee Crisp and a packet of salt and vinegar crisps.They make a striking vision on the doorstep: McLenaghan, tall and fresh-faced, and Boat, smaller than the average, wrapped in navy cotton, ropes and bristles and bearing brass-tipped rods, might easily be mistaken for an ethnic dance troupe.While Boat seals off the fireplace, McLenaghan begins preparing his yo-yo act on the alarming ledge.High point: "The job - it's brilliant.Traffic wardens can be indulgent where the Auld Reekie van is concerned."That's Bellevue church." He raises his eyes.I meet Kirk early in the morning in his shop and he introduces his team.I see what he means."There must be easier ways to make a living Kirk says, but he's only joking.McLenaghan's grandfather, also a sweep, had to sack a worker nicknamed The Monkey because he leapt from gable to gable.

McLenaghan's worst accident was when, pushing to get a job done, he had rested the base of his ladder in a plastic gutter.
When the ball reaches just above the fire, Sid bellows "Heee-up!" and Kirk starts pulling the brush back.
It was, of course, worse kaspersky internet security rebate in the old days.
"You get such a buzz when you're up there and it's windy he says.The National Association of Chimney Sweeps (Nacs) thinks there are 650 of them, "including part-timers".I squeeze with McLenaghan up through a narrow corridor skylight.Surely the Office of National Statistics will know?"I wish I was young now; I could have been in Lord Of The Rings." "Aye says Sid, wryly, "you could have been a dwarf." "No' a dwarf says Bert.The round brush that everyone knows is a "dolly heid a small ladder is a "jinky the blanket protecting the room from billowing soot is a "touky a "big switch" is what they call a 3ft brush with bristles standing out on either side.