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Proper repair methods for aluminum electrical wiring are described at p Watch out: making an improper repair, such as leaving the aluminum wiring in place and using connectors not dillards promotion code recommended by the US cpsc can actually increase fire risk.
I live in a double wide mobile home.
If we unplug it and wiggle the fan plug the power will come back on?
Reply: Jack leave the circuit breaker OFF - as you are risking fire, shock, injury or efen dath.How the heck does that work?You will want to look closely at how the existing ceiling boxes are secured to the ceiling structure.The electrician will probably start by a visual inspection beginning outdoors at the meter, continuing indoors at the panel and panel interior looking for obvious overheating or damage.It is the choice of our members to accept or decline any offer made on this site.

Discount outlets sell mostly old stock or end-of-line products, often at a heavily reduced price.
If an individual breaker trips immediately most likely there is a dead short somewhere - as you suggest.
But for a non-electrician, even opening the panel by removing its cover can be quite risky.
YOu'll see the the required breaker size in amps given on the data tag attached to your air conditioner.
Don't use the neutral wire as a ground - doing so is unsafe.Or see mobile home electrical wiring FAQs-2 set #2 Q A on mobile home wiring Or see mobile home codes standards Or see electrical inspection, diagnosis, repair - home Suggested citation for this web page mobile home electrical wiring FAQs at Inspect.Definitions : Typically a "mobile home" or "manufactured home" wiring guide does not regulate electrical wiring specifications for modular construction.If it is tripping the breakers think of it like this.And no lights in kit, and porch light, Lr ying to find out why breaker keeps poping as soon as u reset oblem started thru out the night while she was sleeping can you help?This started a fire in the insulation beneath the floor and also burned a quarter size hole in the duct work.The landlord is a real peach!For just a few running lights and a porch light, most likely you won't even be drawing 10 watts, but to be on the safe side and to allow for expanded use of your power supply once you figure out how useful it is, I'd.I think it's the switch on the wall.