40 weeks 2 days stretch and sweep

OB bet me I'd be back within 24 hrs.
Doesnt hurt, more like a rough fingering!
3pm it was done, 6pm labour began, 2am he was born!
My midwife offered the S S which I accepted, if nothing else just to see if I was progressing into labour on my own.I had 3 sweeps done from my due date onwards.My waters broke in the car on the way to hospital going over speed bumps and when I got to hospital I was 8 cm and delivered the baby one hour later on his due date.It's not that bad.I was completely hard and closed and they did a sweep and was in full blown labor within 6 hours!I had a sweep done had my baby boy the next morning he is now 3 weeks old.I had a show a few days afterwards, pre-labour for a couple of days and went into labour at 38 weeks.quot; Mult" #15 mrsgm Posted With my second pregnancy i had one at 385 (was 1 cm dilated).that was on a wednesday morning.My water broke at 345am monday morning and my beautiful baby boy was born at 1235pm 11 days early!I had a sweep done at 41 weeks and still went up to 42 weeks lol and got induced, so waste of my time but it is different for everyone.I had one at 41 weeks, went power walking and went into labour on my front lawn lol.

Thanks for sharing your experience.
I think I am going to do it, can't hurt to try" Mult" #9 3rd time lucky Posted Hi, My Ob did one at 40 wks 8 days.
My first baby also came at 38 weeks so I think for me, 38 weeks is just how long they want to be in there and so I don't actually know hamleys voucher codes 2016 if the stretch and sweep made a difference.
I had one at 39 weeks pretty much had contractions promotional codes for amazon in electronics straight away and had bubs the next day tho I was well ready to have him he was born 10 pound a week early!
Its a bit of an uncomfortable feeling.I had a sweep with my second at 40 weeks and was induced 9 days later.Not the nicest thing to go through but it works good luck with everything.Both of my children came immediately after a membrane sweep 1st in 5 hrs, 2nd in 1 hr!I suggest taking someone with you if you can.The membrane sweep causes a release of a hormone called prostaglandin which helps prepare the cervix for birth.I'll agree with PP and say that it hurts!. .I'm going to have another one tomorrow if everything is well with baby but at least I'm sleeping now.Ill be 40 weeks pregnant on Thursday and my midwife will be doing a membrane sweep when I see her Tuesday.